Guided Meditation Walks & On-Campus Contemplation

At Spirit in the Desert, we offer several guided meditation paths and sacred walks:

The Labyrinth in the Desert is patterned after the famous Labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, a symbol of the Christian pilgrimage.

The Islands of Silence are seven stops on a path that begins at the top of the hill, crosses a wash and concludes at two benches at the bottom of the hill. Each island is a symbol for meditating on places during our life’s journey.

The Prayer Pathway provides Seven Steps of Morning Prayer by Joyce Rupp: Gratitude, Love, Hope, Compassion, Generosity, Laughter, and Patience.

Campbell Prayer Pathway

The Campbell Prayer Pathway is based on The 7 Steps of Morning Prayer from Joyce Rupp’s meditation book, Out of the Ordinary.

As you follow the path you will find seven stones, each inscribed with a word of wisdom or guidance.  Stop at each stone, reflect on the word written, and consider on how that concept plays out in your life.

The inscriptions are Gratitude, Love, Hope, Compassion, Generosity, Laughter and Patience.  If recorded music would enhance your walk, it is available.

The Labyrinth

morning walk on

The labyrinth is a holy place at which you may reflect and pray.  The rhythm of walking, placing one foot in front of the other, relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit.  Walk at the pace your body chooses.  Relax and rest your mind.  Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools.  A labyrinth has only one path.  The way in is the way out.  There are no blind alleys.  The path leads you circuitously to the center and out again.  At its most basic level, the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey to the center to your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are.  A guided meditation is available to use while walking the labyrinth.

Islands of Silence

Islands of Silence

The Islands of Silence Meditation Path is 1/5 of a mile long.  It has seven islands at which you may rest, contemplate and reflect on your faith journey.  The journey starts at the top of the hill where you look down upon a desert wash.  It leads you down to the bottom of the wash.  Some islands are exposed to the sun and others are shaded.  The journey ends on level ground at an island of two benches.  You may walk the Islands of Silence on your own or you may use a guided meditation to assist you on your journey.

guided Tour for Islands of Silence

The Fountains

rogers fountain

There are three fountains on the campus of Spirit in the Desert each of which offers an opportunity to reflect and contemplate.  In the desert water is sacred.  Water provides life and renewal as well as cleansing.

Take time to reflect on the wellspring of your life.  Reflect on your life experience or use our “water” guided meditation or another meditation to assist you.