Spirit In The Desert …

A venue that takes care of all your group’s needs … a space to gather, explore, rest and renew.

Our Grounds and Facilities

walkway on campus of spirit in the desertThe meeting, dining, sleeping, and worship facilities of Spirit in the Desert are situated on nine acres of Sonoran Desert.  The campus is lush with plants, bushes, flowers, rocks, and Cacti unique to the Southwest. Natural rock water fountains add refreshing and soothing sounds as guests walk inspiring meditation pathways. Our conscientious landscapers maintain the natural environment of this outdoor cathedral, a place for meeting the Divine Spirit.

**We are taking the following precautions in all our lodging, dining and meeting room spaces to keep our guests and staff safe:

  • All rooms and public areas are sanitized using an electrostatic sanitization system that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Pillows will be sterilized after each guest stay using an intense UVC lighting system
  • Keys are sterilized using an intense UVC lighting system.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are installed throughout the campus
  • All “high touch” areas are cleaned often using appropriate chemicals to disinfect the area.
  • Public restrooms feature no touch soap dispensers and no touch paper towel dispensers
  • Individual soap bars have replaced liquid soap dispenser in the showers.
  • Employees take and log their temperature before starting work each day.
  • Employees will wear masks when interacting with guests, working in guest rooms or public areas or serving food.

Masks are currently mandated by local authorities but each group will decide for themselves how they choose to deal with the number of guests per room and how rooms are set up to deal with social distancing.

Our peaceful facility is fully equipped for group events and includes:

 Spacious lodging for more than 50 guests.

 Onsite dining for up to 75 guests.

 Seven indoor meeting spaces suitable for groups sizes from 5 to 90 equipped with WiFi and AV equipment.

 Additional small group indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

 Heated swimming pool and spa.

 Wifi access throughout the campus.

 Serene spaces for prayer, meditation and reflection.

Take a Visual Tour of Our Campus
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Take a Visual Tour

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Our Conference Facilities

Seven conference rooms and numerous common spaces offer a wide variety of options for your Retreat. Seating is flexible in all the rooms and white boards, flip charts, and an LCD projector are available.

Ravenscroft Chapel’s features include a grand piano, an upright piano, a 7000 lumen ceiling mounted projector, two 1000 watt speakers, and a 6.5 x 11.5ft motor driven screen.

Corporate meeting at Spirit

Ravenscroft Chapel/Conference Room

Ravenscroft Chapel/Conference Room

Ravenscroft Chapel multimedia

Ravenscroft Chapel/Conference Room

lower estrem conference room

Conference Room Lower Estrem

Sunset Chapel – Lower Estrem

Library at Lower Estrem Confernence Center

Library Area – Lower Estrem

Upper Estrem conference room

Upper Estrem Conference Room

Estrem Atrium

Upper Estrem Atrium

spirit in the desert conference room

Bash Board Room

Outdoor Seating Areas

Our Lodging Facilities

Spirit in the Desert accommodations include well-appointed guest rooms with comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms and luxurious outdoor balconies. Our two-story lodging building was designed by the Taliesin architects.


Our Dining Facilities

Spirit in the Desert boasts a bright and spacious dining room with seating for up to 75 guests. Meals can be tailored to group and individual preferences by our professional chef. Indoor and patio seating provide spectacular mountain views.

Zoe Leonard, Food Services Manager

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest very close to the water on Puget Sound. We always had a bit of land and out of necessity grew, caught, or shot our food. We had a fairly large garden and chickens or beef in the back yard. I learned to plant, harvest, preserve, and cook from my mother and grandmother using what was available and making it taste amazing.

I have a master’s degree in counseling and spent many years working in mental health care facilities, but I longed for a career that brought joy to people. Five years ago, I ventured into catering and private chef work. I found that I had an intuitive sense of how to combine and serve amazing food.

Being in the kitchen is my happy place. I am frequently rewarded with a smile as a guest is transported to a childhood memory of warm baked bread and fresh butter or chocolate chip cookies with milk. My passion is to bring this joy and comfort for those who share and break bread with us at Spirit in the Desert.

Our goal for food service is to provide simple, hearty, and fresh food that is prepared with prayer and love. The meals are a part of the spiritual journey for our guests and the interaction at mealtimes with the staff reflect our own faith journeys. I am committed to my own personal growth and healing and desire to help others on their spiritual journey. The opportunity at Spirit in the Desert gave me a platform to live my passion and commitment to service. I am grateful!